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What is Workplace or Market Place Ministry?

This is the most common question I am asked.
The easiest way to describe workplace ministry is to break it up into its root words.

Workplace/ Market Place is:

  •         The business community
  •         The place where you work
  •         The place where you spend the majority of your time
  •         The place where you have a significant sphere of influence 
  •     The place where a large part of the population doesn't know Jesus 
  •     The place where the greatest potential for Kingdom Harvest exists

    Ministry is: 
    •     Adding value to 
    •     Serving our fellow human beings 
    •     Helping those in need and meeting those needs

Let's be on the cutting edge by starting a Workplace Ministry in your church and equipping the Saints, in obedience to Matthew 28:19.

    Profiles for Success