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Profiles for Success

What can Marketplace Ministry do for my Church?

  1. It will fill specific needs of members of the church. Members of local churches need venues to share and live out their faith. Marketplace ministry gives them a sphere where they are comfortable and credible.
  2. It will grow the faith of business people as they experience tangible results to prayer and business success.
  3. It will keep business people connected to and nurtured by the church.
  4. It will bring gifts, abilities and services into the church by people with great leadership abilities, who are dynamic and proven leaders.
  5. As business people are trained to live out the scriptures in their businesses, they will begin to experience God's blessings, which will give them the resources to help support the vision of their Pastor and/or their local church.
  6. It will connect the kings (those business people in authority) to the priests (those called to teach Biblical principles) which is mutually beneficial.

What can Marketplace Ministry do for a Professional?

  1. Teaches trains, encourages, empowers to be a Kingdom minded person in their businesses. Helps them connect to people who share similar pressures and challenges.
  2. It equips them to win their sphere of influence for Jesus Christ.
  3. Gives them accountability to other Christian business people (that they can relate to).
  4. They are given a venue to learn and use specific prayers that apply to business persons (payables, receivables, new business, wisdom, insight, to be led by the Holy Spirit, ect.).
  5. They are taught to put into practice the Bible in their business and workplace.
  6. They are encouraged and taught, "To live on Monday what they learn on Sunday" This will bring the potential for supernatural success which is a platform to honor God.
  7. This ministry encourages business people to stay under covering of the Pastor and local church, which brings great protection and safety.

    Profiles for Success